2012 Legislative Developments

The following are highlights of the regular session of the 2012 Maryland General Assembly:

Solar Energy

We assisted our clients – two solar energy trade associations – in securing passage of legislation that would accelerate the implementation of solar energy systems throughout Maryland. For more detail, visit our member advocacy page.

Employment Practices

We assisted our client – a major Maryland corporation – in modifying legislation that would have impeded its ability to review information about the conduct of employees that could have a harmful effect on the company’s relationship with its customer.

Health Insurance

As part of a multi-year effort in the implementation of federal health care reform in Maryland, we assisted our clients – two trade associations and a coalition – in modifying legislation to place appropriate limits on the powers of a new, State-created health insurance mechanism. For an example of the coalition’s click here. (direct to HIBBC)

Commercial Insurance Billing

On behalf of our client, a coalition of insurance companies that insure commercial businesses, we formed a coalition to advocate a change in the notification laws for commercial insurance that substantially reduced the operating expenses for all commercial insurers in the State.

Taxation of Premium Cigars

On behalf of our client – a trade association of premium cigar retailers in Maryland – we successfully opposed an increase in the excise tax imposed on premium cigars. At the same time, the excise tax was increased on other tobacco products.